A platform that is designed to allow immediate transfers and/or payments, with payment links, payment button and QR.

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API layer

• Enables merchant integration
• Validates access credentials
• Validates user authorization
I• nitiates transaction routing

Transactional flow manager

• Handles P2P, P2MB, FD.
• Manages transaction queries.
• Manages transaction speed rules.
• Handles automatic clearing of transactions.

Connectors Layer

• Communication with Visa/Mastercard platform.
• Requires activation of tokenization service
• Notifications and callbacks to merchants Transaction log


Visa Direct/Mastercard Send transaction processing.

Provide P2P use cases, funds dispersal platform, micro-merchant payments.

Provide the processed information to be able to make balances.

Support in the process of certification of applications with Visa/Mastercard.



Consumers can make transfers and payments with only a cell phone number or QR to the business/entrepreneur.


Enables money to be sent across the country instantly, making the experience more dynamic and effective.


Allows card-not-present affiliation (banking), without having to provide credit or debit card details.

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