Allows management of collections by merchants by providing them with a tool in which they can register batches (files or registration via API) with information on scheduled collections.


• Batch or unit record management.
• Scheduled processing by date and time.
• Scheduled forwarding based on response codes.
• Transaction load management by issuer.
• Blacklist management to avoid unnecessary retries of transactions previously denied by issuers.
• Rules module by issuer, parameterizable by days of the month or day of the week and cascade rules model.

Connectors to payment processors.

Customer platforms.

Affiliation Web.

Query APIs.

Integration through files.

Integration with own tokenization or the one used by the Acquirer.

UX Functions



Recurring payments are made consistently and automatically according to the schedule set by the client.

cash flow

Companies can predict and plan for long-term cash flows, with clearer visibility into payments.


Automation eliminates the need to send invoices and manually track payments.

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